Greenock Telegraph 24th February

Who cares for the carers?  

Many people who care for a family member, loved one or friend, don’t see themselves as carers. Their perspective of a carer is someone who provides care all day, every day but the truth is that you can be working, there are no set number of hours that you have to provide care and there can be more than one person helping to provide care for an individual, and you are still a carer. You do not need to be in receipt of certain benefits like Carers Allowance, there is no means testing. Many unpaid carers combine their caring role with paid employment. There are no minimum number of hours of providing support to qualify as an unpaid carer.  

Fortunately, within Inverclyde we have the Carers Centre at 68-70 Cathcart Street, Greenock to provide support for unpaid carers. They can advise you on how you can access the support that you need to fulfil your caring role. The Inverclyde Carers Centre run a series of events on a daily basis, such as the Young Carers Group (16-25), Men’s Health Group, knitting group, Health Walks, and a popular Carers Café. There is also a Carers Passport discount card, or you can access counselling, therapies such as Indian head massages, aromatherapy and health and wellbeing classes.  They have something for everyone, and the strength gained by attending these event and networking amongst fellow carers is a crucial part of the process. 

Inverclyde Carers Centre can help unpaid carers access a short break. Many of the registered carers have enjoyed a night or weekend away, or they can access other resources to give them some time out from their caring role. 

Caring for someone can be an onerous task no matter how much you love that person and reaching out for support will help you and ultimately the person you are caring for to cope better. 

If you are caring for someone and would benefit from some support, please contact the Inverclyde Carers Centre on 01475 735180 or email to