Greenock Telegraph 1st July 2022

A Scottish independence referendum on the 19th October 2023 or a General Election campaign based on one question, should Scotland be an independent country. It can’t be much simpler than that. What is being asked is, does Scotland have the right to self-determination and if so, should it be allowed to express its will. Nobody that believes in an electoral democracy can deny the first point. Some may choose to blur the edges by listing ‘more important matters that need to be addressed first’ but that doesn’t answer the question because they have been saying that for ever, there will never be a right time for them. But they can’t deny the right and also say they believe in democracy. If the Supreme Court says it can’t happen without the consent from the UK government and the UK government then denies us a referendum, then that tells you everything you need know about the state of democracy at Westminster. And then we would move to a single-issue General Election. The old unionist guard will be rolled out. The people of Scotland shall once again be told why we are better as part of the UK. All the same lies and, no doubt, a few new ones. The fear factor will be to the fore. After all they can’t possibly hold up the UK today and proclaim it a success story. They can’t make a positive case for the Union. They can’t deny that promises made in 2014 have not been kept. Remember ‘lead not leave’, remember Scotland being better of in the EU, remember the oil is running out? The NO campaign will be another long refrain of fear and dread with undertones of don’t bother your pretty little head Scotland, we know what’s best for you, we shall decide, in fact it is best if you don’t event take part. This is against the backdrop of a crumbling empire, a divided UK, soaring prices, increasing isolation from the EU and a culture of entitlement and privilege riding roughshod over parliamentary procedure at Westminster. Scotland’s exit strategy is becoming clearer and remember 51 nations have claimed their independence from the UK in my lifetime and none that have left have ever asked to come back.