Greenock Telegraph 6th May 2022

Just like the fake gothic facade that is wrapped around the Palace of Westminster there is a mask of acceptance and tolerance that hides the true face of the UK Government. 

It is an establishment deeply ingrained with prejudice and where a beating heart, nourished by entitlement and money, sustains outdated attitudes towards women, race, addiction and many under-represented minorities. 

Outwardly, the media training and years in private schools spent nurturing misplaced self-confidence enables them to hold a party line and express their deep concern about issues that have not crossed their minds once, in their sheltered privileged lives. Inwardly the need to conform to the party mantra and to be subservient to the more senior party members, results in a parody of politics that the most talented of comedy script writers could only dream of creating. Too often the need to present a believable scenario as an excuse to a calamitous situation outweighs an inconvenient truth and the need for an honest appraisal is replaced by whatever falsehood they feel they can get away with. 

Westminster is mired in a web of deceit.  And as George Orwell said, “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” There are no revolutionaries in the heart of the U.K. establishment, they have no interest in changing a system that serves their needs. Instead, they cling to age old traditions that give them solace to a romanticised past and hope for their own cosseted future. Westminster will never be reformed from within. We need to recognise that and remove ourselves from the constraints of a system that is not for a modern 21st century democracy like Scotland.