Greenock Telegraph 14th January 2022

Once again, we are at a stage in the Covid pandemic where we hope to be exiting a critical stage. During the most extreme times the vast majority of people have gone to great lengths to avoid contracting and spreading Covid. This has been at a cost. Those working on the front line have been more inconvenienced than many. They selflessly sacrificed contact with family and friends and often worked in oppressive conditions for long periods of time. Due to restrictions on numbers attending gatherings, families have been unable to grieve properly or celebrate birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Due to travel restrictions holidays were abandoned. We isolated, we vaccinated, we wore masks, and we did this because it was the responsible thing to do. Not just for ourselves but for our wider community. It is therefore galling to hear the accusations, accompanied by photographic evidence, that within the grounds of number ten Downing Street a party was held in May 2020. At the time such gatherings were banned and yet Martin Reynolds, the principal private secretary to the Prime Minister, sent 100 invitations to ‘bring your own booze’. What is the mindset within the Conservative and Unionist party that condones this conduct? How entitled does someone have to feel that they are comfortable hosting a party during lockdown while the NHS is at breaking point and families are making sacrifices to contain a deadly virus. If you or I had behaved in this manner it would quite rightly be a matter for the police. The Prime Minster should be holding himself to higher standards, those set out by the Nolan Principles. But he hasn’t, he won’t and he is clearly not fit for office.