Greenock Telegraph 5th November 2021

The discussion around global warming, climate control, greening energy, greening transport, greening everything really, has gathered pace. And it’s great to see the people of Inverclyde contributing. There are a range of initiatives from the Clyde climate forest and the investigation into saving and restoring peatland to cycle tracks and recycling, that are helping to improve our green credentials but also Importantly indicate our changing mindset.

Across Inverclyde litter pickers are transforming areas and developing into a network of responsible citizens that now don’t just pick up litter, they recycle what they can too. Progress is being made and we should be proud of that, but I have to confess I was slightly annoyed when I read about an energy scheme in Clydebank. Star Renewable Energy provide groundbreaking sustainable heating solutions for district heating systems. Queens Quay is a £250 million regeneration of a former shipyard in Clydebank into houses, leisure facilities and amenities and at its heart is a £20 million state of the art energy centre. It is the first large scale water sourced heat pump scheme of its kind in Scotland. And I am annoyed because five years ago I suggested such a scheme for Inverclyde. Star Energy came to Inverclyde at my invitation and explained to Inverclyde council what they could do. But the council were not interested. Hopefully with a new emerging positive mindset we will be better placed to grasp such opportunities next time they come knocking on our door. In the meantime, well done Clydebank.