Greenock Telegraph 2nd July 2021

Did you see the story last week about a man that jumped into a river to save a baby that ended up there after a car crash on a bridge? Or the college student that gave away all his possessions to a homeless man? Or the computer executive that walks 12 miles every day picking up litter? Or the family in India that have fed 25,000 people throughout the Covid pandemic? I only mention these stories because sometimes it’s easy to believe that everything is doom, gloom, and despondency. And of course, it isn’t but sometimes it can seem that way.

Therefore, it is heartening to know that within Inverclyde we have our own local heroes. We have many volunteers that carry out important work for no reward and with very little resources. From foodbanks, food shares, gardening projects, community litter picks, mental health support and education, countless youth sports clubs and organisations. All run by volunteers. I take great comfort in knowing that for every selfish, ignorant, lazy, thoughtless person in Inverclyde we have far more caring, responsible, generous and loving people. It’s just that the former makes more noise, more mess, cause more vexation and upset, while being more noticeable. I took my bicycle out for a ride along the emerging cycle path this evening and was furious to see the number of discarded fast food takeaway packages that had been thrown on the ground but I passed far more people who were just out walking and enjoying some good weather. I am not making excuses for those that act selfishly but let’s put it in perspective. The vast majority of folk are not. Let’s continue to set a good example and believe in each other, after all, we are all we have got.