Greenock Telegraph 29th January 2021

It would be easy believe that the only two things that matter right now are COVID and Brexit. These two behemoths dominate the landscape and combined they block out any horizon. Which is a great shame because we are at our best when we seek to achieve progress and are constructing solutions rather than, as it currently feels, consumed by fighting fires. At a time when planning forward is difficult and the possibility of a holiday, or meeting friends and family is a remote one, what can we look forward to? I have a suggestion and before you run for the hills, please hear me out.

On May the 6th we have the election to the Scottish Parliament. Put the politics to one side, that is for you to decide upon. But elections are about the electorate, it’s your time to express your views, to back the candidate and party that you believe serves you, your community and your country best. The outcome will determine so many things that happen in Scotland over the next Parliamentary session. And that’s a choice you can make that goes beyond the immediate horizon. At their best, elections can be beacons of hope but that is entirely down to your participation. My ask is simple, register to vote, apply for a postal vote, and use it wisely. A postal vote can be used on the day at your polling place. I read a lot of nonsense in social media about postal votes being tampered with and people’s trust being eroded. I have used a postal vote for years. I have absolute faith in the mail service and Inverclyde Council to ensure my vote is recorded correctly.

From behind the barricades we can project our hopes and aspirations for the next four years. Don’t let COVID stop you voting.   

RVJB: The Robertson Centre, 16 Glasgow Rd, Paisley PA1 3QF.