Brexit deal vote

On Wednesday, the 30th December, the UK Parliament will be recalled to do three things. To finally agree on the creation of a virtual chamber, extend recess until the 11th January and in one day process the UK withdrawal bill by completing the second reading, committee stage, third reading, then up to the Lords for the same one, two, three and then send it off for Royal Assent.

The Conservative and Unionist UK government with the support of the UK Labour Party will vote through a deal that will risk the erosion of workers rights and protection of the environment. It will slow the recovery from the coronavirus recession, and create higher prices in the shops. This will have huge implications for jobs in Scotland and across the UK. Our economy has already been damaged as a result of Brexit, with the Warwick study estimating Scotland had lost £3.94billion by July 2020. The vote on Wednesday is to accept or reject this shambolic deal. #

I shall vote against it with a clear conscience. This will be spinned as voting for a ‘no’ deal but that’s not what the vote is for because that’s not how Parliament works. The question is very simple, do I accept this deal for the people of Inverclyde and Scotland and the answer is a resounding, no.

Ronnie Cowan MP

Member of Parliament for Inverclyde