Greenock Telegraph 18th December 2020

While at school, one of Boris Johnson’s teacher wrote of him, he is “free of the network of obligation which binds everyone else”. Or to put it another way, he only thinks of himself (that’s the polite version).

The United Kingdom agreed to a withdrawal agreement with the European Union. The now Prime Minister has attempted to break that agreement and is now complaining that the contents are being quoted back at him. This is an agreement that he fought a leadership battle on, that he prorogued Parliament over, that he fought a general election on, which he pushed through parliament and got the Queen to sign. Is it any wonder that this self-serving chameleon is incapable of negotiating an exit deal from the European Union that doesn’t involve, chaos and confusion.

And where do we in Scotland stand? Who is looking after our interests at the negotiating table? The Scotland Office have refused to back calls for a single market and customs union in Scotland despite Northern Ireland being offered both. Despite continually saying that devolved Parliaments are being included and listened to it is clear that the polar opposite is true. The Prime Minister and his close cohorts are crashing the UK out of the EU. Michael Gove confirmed to me, last week, that the Sewell convention would be ignored and legislative consent from the Scottish Government would not be required. It’s clear to see that agreements and conventions are not considered to be worth the paper they are written on by this Conservative and Unionist government. How can anyone be expected to trust them? Politicians from a range of parties have tried to contribute positively to these negotiations but the superiority complex that abounds amongst the Prime Minister and his friends is stopping them from listening and there is a very grave danger that we will be left to pay the price.