Furlough Scheme Extended

The UK Government and Chancellor have been forced into this shambolic last-minute U-turn after six months of pressure from the SNP and devolved governments – and said it was “a democratic disgrace” that Westminster was only willing to act when England faced lockdown and not when Scotland needed support.

This long-overdue UK Government U-turn is welcome but it comes after six months of sustained pressure from the SNP and Scottish Government, who have consistently called for a full furlough extension but were repeatedly told ‘no’ by Westminster.

The Chancellor has been forced into this shambolic last-minute U-turn after months of Tory cuts, delays and uncertainty. For many it is far too late. Thousands have already lost their jobs, many good businesses have gone under, and millions have been excluded completely.

I’ve written numerous letters to both HM Treasury and the Department for Work and Pensions, on behalf of constituents and industries, calling for additional financial and social security support.

We await the full details of this announcement, to ensure Inverclyde will receive full 80 per cent furlough and self-employed support, on current eligibility, with the gaps in the system filled, whenever it is required by the Scottish Government in future.