Greenock Telegraph 31st July 2020

When in one breath the UK Government is saying they will encourage folk back to food outlets by paying 50% of their fast food bill and then within days they are saying they will ban buy one get one free meal deals and one day you can’t go to Spain then you can, then you can’t , it is no wonder people get fed up.

We have all, to a greater and lesser extent, been pushed around during this Covid19 crisis and when things have gone so slowly for months it is only natural that when we think we see a light at the end of a tunnel, we want to accelerate towards it. But as the old adage goes, that light may just be a train coming in your direction.

Therefore, caution must still be our watchword. Of course, we want to get out and about, to eat and drink, to meet and greet. You may be in dire need of a holiday. Who would deny that opportunity to the frontline workers that have continued unabated during this crisis? My inbox is busy with correspondence from people that are annoyed at the current situation. They want it over and done with, they want to be able to travel abroad to a country of their choice, regardless of the expert advice. Some people are upset that pubs aren’t back to pre Covid days. But thankfully these people are in the minority. The vast majority, the silent majority understand that we are at an important juncture in this journey that nobody wanted to go on. To ignore the advice at this stage is to welcome Covid19 back into our lives and our homes. History tells us that spring pandemics are often followed by a second more deadly wave in Autumn. While great strides are being made towards a vaccine we must continue to take small steps to protect our community. Frustrating it may be but necessary none the less.