Citizens’ Basic Income Feasibility Study Report

A pilot scheme is essential to inform discussions around UBI and the report lays out important steps towards piloting UBI in Scotland.

Scotland is willing to lead the world in UBI research to provide citizens with an adequate level of financial security. However, a pilot scheme can’t happen without full co-operation and collaboration of the UK Government.

Such a scheme would allow both governments to understand the benefits of a UBI and what it could do to tackle poverty and inequality .

The Tory Government has systematically dismantled the safety net of social security over the past decade and while the damage has been obvious for years, the current pandemic has shown it even more starkly.

The current levels of Government support is not enough for people to live on and many are being pushed into poverty and hardship because of Westminster policies.

And don’t just take the SNP’s word for it, this is a view shared and continually highlighted by anti-poverty, children’s organisations and the UN Rapporteur.

Even with a pilot, such a systematic change to the welfare state would take many years to introduce. But a UBI pilot would rigorously test if there is a new way to respond to tackling poverty that would support people out of poverty

If the Westminster Government and its relevant departments refuse to fully engage with this process it will yet again demonstrate that policies for the betterment of Scotland can only be implemented through the full range of powers that come with Independence.