Access to cash campaign

We may be moving towards a cashless society but we aren’t there yet meanwhile an increasing number of people are being asked to pay to access their own money.

Cashpoints are closing at an alarming rate and consumers are now paying £100 million a year to withdraw their own money.

Recently, I had a meeting with the ATM network LINK and they warned that the entire cash infrastructure could collapse within 1-2 years.  In my constituency of Inverclyde, it is the most deprived areas that are being targeted and an unfair burden is being placed on those living there. Free access to cash must be maintained and banks have a duty of care to their customers to ensure that happens.

People paying to access their own cash is unacceptable. @hmtreasury must act now to #ProtectCash for the 1.9 million people who rely on it everyday. Demand the UK Government take action now