Greenock Telegraph 3rd January 2020

A happy new year to one and all. There is no doubt that in the world of politics sometimes people look less favourably upon one another and that can even develop into dislike. But I mean it when I say ‘one and all’. Why would I not want any one person to be happy, why would I not want everyone to be happy? When we discuss political differences, I am content in the knowledge that my view of a future independent Scotland is one of an inclusive nation with equal opportunities and no discrimination. A nation where no person is left behind and where communities exist to support and nourish all. As I look towards the coming year, I see precious little harmony at Westminster. The Conservative and Unionist government is reinvigorated by the result of the General Election and will attempt to railroad through change at an unhealthy speed that greatly limits scrutiny and consideration. I can assure you as the MP of a constituency that voted 63.8% to remain in the European Union and returned me on an SNP ticket that I shall do everything I can to resist the Bullingdon bully boys of the Tory far right. It is my duty to oppose their push to ostracise us from the wider European community while knowing the damage their actions will cause to Inverclyde and to Scotland. They may be protected by their own financial security, but the vast majority of Inverclyde are not. Their sense of entitlement must be challenged at every opportunity. Only when countries are governed for one and all can they truly represent the needs of the people, only then can we move forward to a brave new year filled with hopes and aspirations. Someday soon, hopefully this year, the people of Scotland will get that choice.