Greenock Telegraph 11th October 2019

With all that is going on at Westminster now it would be easy to get dragged down by the uncertainty and the disillusionment. While things are far from perfect in Inverclyde it does me good sometimes to remind myself of the great things that are happening here. Ferguson Marine has been saved by the Scottish Government, securing 300 jobs and actively recruiting for more. What was once Scott and Robertson became BPI then RPC is now in Berry Global RPC-BPI and continue to develop recyclable plastics. Good for Inverclyde and good for the planet. McGill’s announced a healthy profit last week. A locally owned company prospering in a difficult market place. Inchgreen drydock is in use developing the floating pontoon for Peel Ports. This represents investment from Peel and the Scottish Government in Inverclyde. Hopefully, it’s a new dawn for the dry dock too. The Baker Street units are fully let and Kelburn continues to attract innovate businesses. Long term family owned companies like Golden Casket and McLaren Packaging continue to make a valuable contribution to the fabric of Inverclyde society. Texas Instruments were bought by Diodes Incorporated and have spent tens of millions of pounds investing in the plant. More jobs are being created and areas of the factory that were dormant are being reopened. As one employ said to me “the lights are going back on”. Not just a statement of fact but a wonderful sentiment for all of Inverclyde.