Greenock Telegraph 27th September 2019

The UK parliament is suspended so the UK Government does not have to answer any hard questions and so the LibDems, Conservative and Labour Parties can have their annual conferences. Given this time away from Parliament one would hope that they would use their time wisely and constructively. Going by the UK Labour party conference, last weekend, my hopes are obviously in vain. It will come as no surprise to you that I am not the biggest fan of UK labour but at these uncertain times Westminster requires a coherent cohesive opposition. Labour could be that opposition if only they were coherent or cohesive, but they are not, and their conference showed us that only too clearly. At the Labour party conference, they agreed not to take a position on Brexit! The classic remark, I used to be undecided but now I am not so sure, springs to mind. A close aide to Mr Corbyn, Andrew Fisher, is set to leave and a leaked memo claims it is because of “a lack of professionalism, competence and human decency at the top of the party” while he is stating that it’s the ubiquitous “spending more time with my family” reason. One good thing to emerge is their desire to provide prescriptions free of charge in England. Well done UK Labour I applaud you. It is time the people of England got the same deal that has existed in Northern Ireland since 2007, Wales since 2010 and Scotland in 2011. In a few more years UK Labour may have a coherent policy on Trident, the European Union, the devolution of powers and their own leadership. Then again, maybe not.