Supreme Court – prorogation of parliament

Dear Inverclyde resident,

You will be aware, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of Scotland’s supreme court – and said Parliament must get back to work so the UK government can be held to account over its Brexit plans.

I am pleased the UK Supreme Court has followed Scotland’s supreme court and ruled that Boris Johnson’s undemocratic decision to shut down Parliament, ahead of Brexit, was unlawful and unconstitutional.

Parliament must resume without delay, so we can hold the UK Government to account on its Brexit plans, which threaten to plunge the UK into recession, destroy 100,000 Scottish jobs, including many in Inverclyde.

I will be back at the Houses of Commons on Wednesday 25th September, alongside my SNP colleagues, to hold this government to account.

Finally, Boris Johnson should resign as his behaviour has been disgraceful and his position is now untenable.

Yours sincerely,


Ronnie Cowan MP

Member of Parliament for Inverclyde