Epilepsy Scotland – PIP petition

The introduction of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) has significantly disadvantaged people with epilepsy. DWP data shows that, of people with epilepsy who previously received DLA and have been reassessed for PIP, 54% were denied an award as a result of the transition. This is the second highest refusal rate and is over double the national average for all health conditions.

2018 DWP figures also show that of the third of people who appealed after the DWP denied them PIP, a huge 78% of people ended up being given the benefit. The fact that the appeal success rate is so high suggests poor and arbitrary decision-making on the part of assessors. It also indicates the inadequacy of the system in capturing the impacts of epilepsy, and the difficulty for claimants in navigating the initial claim – e.g. describing their condition and securing evidence.

These figures only cover those who have moved from DLA to PIP. DWP data suggests that 65% of people with epilepsy applying for PIP as new claimants have been denied the benefit.