Brexit – letter to Inverclyde residents

Dear Inverclyde residents,

As you will know, the last week at Westminster has been challenging and a battle over which direction the United Kingdom will take. The UK Government have indicated they are comfortable crashing out of the European Union without a deal. This would be devastating for both Inverclyde and Scotland as a whole. Ultimately, any form of Brexit would be damaging for Inverclyde. Crashing out of the EU with no deal would not only breach Scotland’s vote to remain, including the two thirds of Inverclyde voters who voted so, but would also push the UK into a recession, threatening 100,000 Scottish jobs, and inflicting lasting harm on living standards, public services and the economy.

That is why I was one of the MPs who’s started a legal action aimed at preventing Boris Johnson shutting down parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit –

SNP MPs have voted consistently against no deal and Parliament has rejected a no deal three times this year. Alongside this, my SNP colleagues and I supported the Letwin-Cooper process in March to avoid a no deal, and we did the same again with Benn’s Bill which has become law.

If Boris Johnson wants an election, he must obey the law and take a no-deal Brexit off the table. It is beyond belief that the Prime Minister is disrespecting democracy by shutting down parliament and railroading through an extreme Brexit against the will of parliament and the people.

The SNP is ready for a General Election. We stand ready to bring down the UK government and give Scotland the chance to stop Brexit and to decide its own future.

Yours sincerely,


Ronnie Cowan MP

Member of Parliament for Inverclyde