Tackling problem gambling

Today’s announcement of further funding by gambling companies is a welcome step in addressing gambling problems and support for individuals and families affected, but it does not go far enough.

The UK government also has an important role to play in the debate and it must step up and act by seriously looking at introducing a statutory levy as a means of tackling gambling related harm head-on. It can no longer afford to skirt around the issue.

Whilst the move today is a positive step, the gambling industry must also provide further support. This was also echoed by the Chair of the Gambling Commission recently as the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms was launched. We must look further into education, research and treatment to help individuals and families who have been affected and devastated by the scourge of problem gambling.

Over the past few months we have seen some positive steps but this issue requires further robust action, not a mere sticking plaster. I look forward to engaging with the gambling industry and the UK government in effectively tackling gambling related harm.

Gambling firms pledge £60m to help addicts after criticism: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48834683