Westminster diary w/b 24th June


Early morning flight to London. I have a meeting with a company that provide systems for diesel engines that enables them to also use liquid natural gas and therefore reduce their carbon footprint. In conjunction with the proposals at Hunterston for a power station they see the possibility to duel fuel diesel trains. The Prime Minister made a statement in the House on the European Council. As part of her statement she talked about the spirit of cooperation and consensus. I bobbed for a question and was taken. I asked if this new spirit could be extended to the devolved parliaments. The PM responded that it always had. Of course, we know that’s not the view of the devolved parliaments. In the evening I spoke on the panel of the Global Cannabis Partnership. There was a lot of talk about ethical growing, international financial opportunities, nationally recognised legislation but far too little about patients and their needs.


The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee took evidence from two excellent witnesses, Hannah Vickers, CEO, the Association for Consulting and Engineering and Miles Ashley, Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, on the Government’s management of major infrastructure projects. I then spoke at an event organised by Anyone’s Child to highlight the terrible loss of life due to the current UK drug policy.


Less than one hundred Conservative and Unionist MPs turned up for Prime Minister’s Questions. Apathy combined with their internal party conflict has deemed the government incapable of even putting on a show of unity. Despite their small numbers they made one heck of a noise when Iain Blackford challenged the Prime Minister. They were so noisy that no one could hear Iain. This was brought to the attention of the speaker who then rebuked me for shouting out. This was disappointing as he didn’t rebuke the government benches for their part in the fiasco and it wasn’t me that shouted out. But I took one for the team. I attended the climate coalition lobby and the immigration debate before catching the 18:20 flight home.


I delivered contact details to constituents and held street surgeries. I do this on a regular basis but it’s always nicer when the sun is shining as it was today.


I have an interview on gambling and its relationship with Scottish football followed by one of my regular catch ups with Laura Reilly of Belville Gardens. As part of National Care Home Day, I visited the Crown Care day centre.