Tele column 24th May 2019

How many of you remember the American TV series, The Twilight Zone. It was a strange mix of science fiction, superstition, horror, drama and comedy. It stretched the boundaries of reality and often led the viewers to dark, macabre places. Eventually it ran its course and was dropped by the broadcasters, but it retains its position as being a leader of its time and even in the beginning, ground-breaking. Today’s equivalent would be The Westminster Zone. A place where common sense goes to die. A place where the outside world is shunned and political zealots are stuck in a timeless limbo echoing the long gone days of a fading empire. No amount of shouting from outside can permeate the faux gothic walls and if it did then the powers that be are surrounded by sycophants and hangers on, only too willing to prop up their egos and encourage more introverted, self-serving and delusional behaviour. The Brexit process has revealed Westminster to be a shallow husk of a Parliament. Incapable of governing and refusing to be guided. Unable to lead and too obstinate to follow. It has come to the end of its run and it’s time to discard it. It has now become suitable only for parody, drama and comedic entertainment. It is no longer innovative or ground breaking. It has forgotten what is in the best interest of the people and consequentially the people have lost interest in it. We are now tumbling blindfolded into a land inhabited by ghastly caricatures of what were once seen as politicians. Welcome to the Brexit zone.