Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

Today, Secretary of State Amber Rudd announced that disabled pensioners will no longer have to undergo repeat assessments to claim payments. The announcement failed to mention those who are forced to endure the punishing reassessment process, people with mental health problems whose conditions are often overlooked by assessors, and people with fluctuating conditions who can end up missing out on this vital payment.

Only today, my office was contacted by a constituent who indicated they may lose their Motability car in 8 weeks as their Personal Independence Payments (PIP) have been reduced by the Department for Work and Pensions.  The Motability car is a lifeline for said constituent and I know of many other cases where the car provides them with freedoms they would otherwise not have had.

Quite simply, these tweaks are not good enough – the Tories are still presiding over a social security system where compassion is the exception

Scotland is taking a wholly different approach, proposing to significantly reduce the need for face-to-face assessments, introducing rolling awards with no set end points and ensuring those with fluctuating conditions will not face additional reviews – this is what a system based on dignity and respect looks like.

As of October 2018, the PIP ‘Claims in Payment’ for Inverclyde was 4,373.