Tele column 15th February 2019

The owners of the Inverkip Power Station, Scottish Power, have applied for planning permission for up to 650 houses/premises on the site. This does not mean that they will build them, it means if planning permission is granted that the land can then be marketed and sold with planning permission in place and therefore it increases in value. I have viewed this site and it is truly unique. Although close to the A78 it is secluded and peaceful. I think that this site offers so much more than most and with that in mind I have entered discussion with Alzheimer’s Scotland to gather their views on approaching prospective purchasers and asking them to include a ‘dementia village’ in their plans. Such villages have been muted around other parts of the U.K. and they already exist in other countries. They are designed to allow people with dementia to receive appropriate care and live their lives to the maximum. The entire village would be inhabited by residents and carers. It is estimated that over a million people in the U.K. will be living with dementia by 2025 and the need for practical methods of caring for people with dementia will continue to increase. I have asked Scottish Power to consider this when it comes to selling the land. I understand the council may look at this site and see a revenue source via council tax and I also understand that all budgets are stretched but I would hope they would see beyond the cash in hand and consider this as a long term investment in the citizens of Inverclyde.