Scrap Two Child Cap & Rape Clause

This latest Tory U-turn on welfare support does not go anywhere near far enough. The two child cap and rape clause is still set to push hundreds of thousands of children into poverty and must be scrapped.

This disgraceful UK Government policy has been condemned by the UN rapporteur on extreme poverty and a multitude of charities and welfare advice professionals. It is discriminatory at its core, and hits women and BAME families hardest – which the DWP is well aware of.  I congratulate the efforts of my colleague, Alison Thewliss MP, in continuing to hold the UK Government to account over this policy.

If the Tories are not willing to scrap this hated policy for everyone then they should devolve the powers to the Scottish Parliament so we can build a truly fair and equal social security system that meets Scotland’s needs and values.