Gambling related harm

Last night, the SNP secured a successful amendment to the Finance Bill requiring the UK government to undertake a review of the public health effects of gambling terminals – and the party has called for the UK government to implement a joined-up strategy to tackle the rising threat of problem gambling across society.

The UK government must urgently get a grip on the devastating and growing impact that problem gambling is having across society under its watch.

Tory ministers have not taken the threat anywhere near seriously enough, and – despite widespread calls – they have repeatedly refused and failed to take the action needed.

It cannot be right that the number of children in the UK with a gambling problem is soaring under the Tories, while highly-addictive gambling machines blight our high-streets and ruin the lives of many thousands of families.

The UK government must finally listen to the evidence, undertake a full review of the impact of gambling related harm on public health and society, and take meaningful action against highly-addictive and exploitative forms of gambling – instead of capitulating to the corporate interests of bookmakers.