Tele column 14th September 2018

The Scottish Government’s programme for government was published last week. It’s a comprehensive document outlining the areas of governance that we can influence from Holyrood and it’s a mixture of practical reality with enough aspiration to make me believe that, with the right strategy, Scotland can have a prosperous future. It is a rich and diverse programme encompassing many areas of life in Scotland. The key areas covered include national infrastructure, mental health, empowering head teachers and low carbon transport.

As in all things political it will not satisfy everybody and, as one has come to expect, the opposition parties were very quick to condemn it. So quick that I doubt they actually read the publication. It did however receive positive feedback from Friends of the Earth Scotland, Scottish Chamber of Commerce, the STUC, CBI Scotland, NUS Scotland, Rape Crisis Scotland, Victim Support Scotland, the Poverty Alliance, NHS Research, Richmond Fellowship and a host of others.  Whether you agree with all the plans outlined or not I hope you feel comforted that plans are being made in a considered fashion. I would ask you to compare and contrast the measured, constructive approach of the SNP Government at Holyrood and the chaotic, self-harming, devil take the hindmost attitude of those crashing the United Kingdom out of the European Union. The very rich and privileged will be safe. Their money will protect them. The rest of us are just expected to go along on this treacherous journey. My advice would be buckle up, it is going to be a bumpy ride.