Appointment of a Recovery Champion

It’s a disgrace that a year on since the launch of the UK Government Drug Strategy the promise to appoint a Recovery Champion has not been fulfilled. Is it the case that the Home Office cannot find anyone suitably qualified for the position that agrees with their drugs policy sufficiently to take on this role?

The fact that the UK Government see the issue of drugs policy as a criminal justice one, rather than a public health issue, demonstrates their lack of empathy and understanding on how to support people with drug related harm.

Added to this, their failure to either assist with the creation of a medically surprised consumption room in Glasgow, or provide the Scottish Parliament to do so, is another example of their abject failure on this issue.

It’s time for the Home Office to finally make progress on supporting those with drug related harm and appoint a Recovery Champion sooner rather than later. For many this appointment can’t come soon enough.

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