Further Spending on Trident

The Tory Defence Secretary is today announcing a £1.5bn contract with BAE systems for a new Astute hunter killer submarine as well as contracts worth £960 million for the Dreadnought submarine programme. 

This comes following the House of Common’s public accounts committee’s criticism last week that the Ministry of Defence spending plans were simply “not realistic” and could be more than

With the escalating cost of renewing Trident increasing to over £200 billion, it’s clear this would be a wasteful and reckless spend on a weapons programme which is opposed by the overwhelming majority of parliamentarians in Scotland. 

The money would be far better dispersed via the devolved parliaments which would allow them to target education, health and transport rather than killing innocent men, women and children.                                                                                                               


The UK is putting £2.5 billion into its nuclear submarine programme

‘Delivering the defence estate’ – report published by National Audit Office

BBC report – ‘Run-down MoD estate threat to defence, says audit watchdog’


Tele column – 11th May 2018

The casework and correspondence a Member of Parliament receives from constituents is varied and a lot of the time my office will signpost people to the relevant organisation or service for support. Therefore, I welcome the recent launch of two projects, in Inverclyde, which will offer advice and support for people looking to get into work and also assist those with financial needs.

The first project, Fair Start Scotland is a new service which will aim to help at least 38,000 people further removed from the labour market. Fair Start Scotland is being delivered collaboratively across a range of private, public and third sector delivery partners including a range of specialist providers to ensure people receive the right type of support for them. The project is funded by the Scottish Government with Scottish Ministers committing an additional £20m in each year of Parliament – committing up to £96 million overall. For more information please contact 0300 303 3381 or visit www.thewisegroup.co.uk/fairstart.

Secondly, the Inverclyde Delivering Effective Advice and Support (I:DEAS) project is funded by the European Social Fund and the Big Lottery Fund. To take part in the service the individual needs to be one of the following – living in a workless household, low income household or single parent household. Through partners such as CVS Inverclyde, Inverclyde HSCP, Financial Fitness, Barnardos and others, each participant will have an allocated mentor who will assist them with improving their finances and ensuring they have the skills to be able to continue with positive finances through their life. For more information please contact IDEASreferral@thewisegroup.co.uk.

There is a lot of positive work taking place in Inverclyde and its vital people are aware of the services and support available. Therefore, my constituency office is happy to assist constituents with issues and signpost them to the relevant projects such as I:DEAS and Fair Start Scotland.

Written Question – Transport [09/05/2018]

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, how much funding his Department has allocated to the introduction of autonomous vehicles onto UK roads. (139539)

Tabled on: 30 April 2018

Jesse Norman:

Since 2014, the Department for Transport has allocated £10.85m to research and development relating to automated vehicles. This includes £7.75m of funding towards the 4 Cities Driverless Cars project, and £3.1m towards the lorry platooning trials on the Strategic Road Network.

Overall, the Government is investing over £250m in connected and autonomous vehicle technologies, up to 2021, with the remainder coming through the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy. This is being match-funded by industry: its purpose is to create a world leading testing and development ecosystem in the UK. To date, this funding is supporting 73 collaborative R&D projects and 4 capital testing infrastructure investments.

The answer was submitted on 09 May 2018 at 16:58.