Privacy policy

Member of Parliament for Inverclyde, located at 20 Crawfurd Street, Greenock, PA15 1LJ is committed to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all the physical and electronic information assets throughout the office in order to meet legal and regulatory requirements, including the protection of data subjects’ rights. Information and information security requirements will continue to be aligned with the constituency office’s goals.

The constituency office takes steps to identify, assess, evaluate and control information-related risks.

In particular, [the constituency office] is committed to complying with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the UK Data Protection Act 2018, and documentation aiming to comply with its requirements is available [on the MP’s network].

All Employees/Staff of [constituency office] [and certain external parties identified in relevant documentation] are expected to comply with this policy and with the procedures that implement this policy. All [Employees/Staff], and certain external parties, will receive [be required to provide] appropriate training. The consequences of breaching this policy are set out in the disciplinary policy and in contracts and agreements with third parties.

This policy and its procedures are subject to continual review and improvement.

This policy will be reviewed to respond to any changes in the operational and legislative environments, and at least annually.