Child Poverty in Inverclyde

It’s deeply disheartening to learn that over 25% of children in Inverclyde are living in poverty.  As Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) said, there can be little doubt the UK Government’s policy of maintaining the benefits freeze despite rising prices is a major contributor to the emerging child poverty crisis. 

The Tory Government’s continued obsession with a policy of austerity and cutting the welfare budget is only serving to punish the most vulnerable people in society, including children.  

This contrasts with the Scottish Government who are taking action to address child poverty through a number of schemes such as providing free school meals, introducing the baby box and increasing the number of childcare hours available.   

Alongside this, the £750 million Attainment Scotland Fund is an initiative focused on supporting pupils from the local authorities of Scotland with the highest concentration of deprivation, including Inverclyde.

The Child Poverty Strategy sets out what the Scottish Government will do to reduce the levels of child poverty in Scotland, and to ensure that as few children as possible experience any type of socio-economic disadvantage.

There is only so much the Scottish Government can do to mitigate Westminster’s blinkered approach. It is time the Tories dropped their ideological approach and instead developed evidenced based policies. Until they do, the most vulnerable in our society will endure the most hardship.”