Tele column – 19th January 2018

I didn’t vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. I still think we should do everything we can to stay in the single market. That’s two sentences you will never hear Jeremy Corbyn say, at least not this month. And that is a major problem. In these challenging times we need strong opposition. We need to hold the United Kingdom’s Government to account. We need to ensure they are questioning their decisions and ensuring the best outcome for everyone. But instead, while the Conservative Government at Westminster is stumbling and falling towards a hard, or even no deal, Brexit, the Labour Party is in complete disarray. When they should be getting on with the day job they are too busy fighting amongst themselves and pursuing their own self-interest. The idea of being elected to serve their communities comes way down the list after, fighting over their policies on Brexit and Trident. Their party is being consumed by Momentum and the Parliamentary Labour Party squabble and bicker. At this stage of a government one would expect the opposition to be well ahead in the opinion polls but Labour are not. Despite this they continue to call for a General Election and local branches are on an ‘election footing’. Meanwhile we drift out of the European Union and the single market. Soon we will be adrift and paying the price of this feeble excuse of an opposition. It’s ironic that a party that fought the Scottish referendum side by side with the Conservative and Unionist Party can’t even fight side by side with each other now.