Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

The case for action on FOBTs is clear and I continue to urge the UK Government to view this consultation process as an opportunity to protect the most vulnerable members of our society from gambling related harm.

These machines have had devastating effects on families, individuals and communities, causing unemployment, violence and in some cases even, suicides.  We cannot go on with this situation.

I am extremely concerned to hear that in 2016 nearly £3m was lost to FOBTs in Inverclyde.  The recently appointed Secretary of State has a unique window of opportunity to cut the stake on FOBTs to £2, a level at the which the harm to families and individuals is significantly reduced.

I would urge anyone affected by these machines to respond to the UK Government’s consultation by visiting the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport website.  I will be making my own submission to the consultation alongside adding my name to the APPG on FOBTs submission.