Investment in IRH

The board has underlined its commitment to the Inverclyde Royal Hospital (IRH) with £800,000 investment over the current financial year.

Last year the board carried out a £2.5 million investment in a new boiler at the IRH as well as committing £400,000 on a new chiller unit to regulate temperature in wards in the summer and £430,000 in energy efficiency works.

NHSGGC has consistently stated its commitment to the IRH and they must be commended for backing this support with significant levels of funding over the past five years.

The IRH is an important part of NHSGGC’s work in delivering high quality health care and this long-term commitment will undoubtedly be welcomed by everyone in Inverclyde.

The money is in addition to recent capital investment in the hospital which includes:

  • £1.2 million refurbishment of the Emergency Department (ED) and the main entrance
  • £4.3 million on a new clean room for ophthalmology patients undergoing intra-vitreal therapy, and refurbishment of oncology and haematology areas
  • £6.5 million NHS centre for specialist dementia and mental health support on the IRH site
  • £2.5 million in new IRH main boiler house
  • £500,000 new state-of-the-art tube system for transfer of bloods and samples throughout the hospital
  • £370,000 on a new canopy for Emergency Department and new gym roof
  • £750,000 on new Medical Equipment in 2016/17.