Drugs policy debate

When is the UK Government going to comprehend that drug reform is a health issue and the war on drugs, as it has been waged for the last hundred years, has failed.

The current approach isn’t working and we need a fundamental change of philosophy.  There is a growing body of well-informed people that say it’s time to decriminalise and legalise drugs.

Stamping down hard on the criminals that controls the growth, harvesting and distribution of drugs has only increased the levels of violence, fear and corruption which is used to hold onto and grow their marketplace.  Once we started a war that we were never going to win, ending it becomes increasingly difficult.

The Home Secretary says she wants the Government drugs strategy to deliver a ‘drug-free society’ and that in a nutshell is why this strategy is seriously flawed. Because the drugs are not the problem.  When we should be asking why do people take drugs and why do some, ten percent of users, develop an addiction?

I will continue to talk to those in the health industry, such as RSPH, BMA, Transform and LEAP about drugs policy reform and ensure pressure continues to be put on the Government to make this issue, first and foremost, a health issue rather than a criminal justice one.

Link to speech on drugs policy – https://hansard.digiminster.com/Commons/2017-07-18/debates/733C6229-49D0-4559-8F59-5F1244C2DE13/DrugsPolicy#contribution-6194BCB2-762D-436F-A75E-74A58C930E4B

Recent article published on RSA on drugs policy – https://www.thersa.org/discover/publications-and-articles/rsa-comment/2017/07/high-time-for-changing-drug-policy