Inverclyde WASPI Group Highlighted in Parliament

Yesterday I used a parliamentary speech to highlight the Inverclyde WASPI campaign, that has been fighting for the fair pension rights of women born in the 1950s.

WASPI was formed after UK Government pension changes meant that around 2.6 million women across the UK would receive their state pension later than expected. The changes were poorly communicated by successive UK Governments and thousands of women were unaware that their pension age had changed.

Women born in the 1950s were hardest hit by the delay and it is estimated that around 3,900 women in Inverclyde have been affected.

The Prime Minister found £1 billion for a grubby political deal with the DUP but not a single penny for the WASPI women, some of whom have lost around £35,000 over a five year period.

Thousands of women nearing retirement age have been forced back into work, while others have been forced to sell their homes or have developed long term health conditions as a result of the stress and anxiety of their situation.

Elizabeth McQuarrie and the Inverclyde WASPI group have done a tremendous job with the campaign, if it weren’t for their efforts then more women would have been caught out by these pension changes.

The WASPI women have upheld their part of bargain by being productive citizens, many have worked since they were 15 years old. Now it is time for the UK Government to honour their side of the contract.

Visit the WASPI website to learn more about the campaign.