All-party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs)

I’m delighted to have become Vice-chair of three All-Party Parliamentary Groups in the new session of Parliament.  I hope to make a positive contribution to these groups and affect change both locally and nationally.

With regards to Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, it’s clear from the evidence that Inverclyde has been adversely effected by these machines and many individuals lives have been turned upside down.

The drugs policy reform group will provide a platform to discuss the so-called war on drugs and how I believe it has failed.  Alongside this, I’m keen for more acknowledgment that this issue is a health problem rather than a criminal justice one.

Finally, I am pleased that the Scottish Government is proposing to adopt a soft opt-out scheme on organ donation.  Unfortunately, too many people require a transplant, such as a kidney, and I hope the group can highlight renal issues and the benefits of organ donation.  I believe the UK Government must also adopt a similar opt-out scheme.

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