Queen’s Speech

The Queen’s Speech is a very glitzy affair. Crowns, robes, uniforms, best bib and tucker is the order of the day and one might expect a speech of great importance to accompany such an event, but it did not happen.

Rather like the ermine robes held together with safety pins the speech was tawdry and disappointing. Manifesto promises did not get a mention. If the social welfare reform has disappeared then that has to be a good thing.

Amazingly there was nothing in this programme to try and turn around the faltering economy, or how to support our under-pressure public services. Brexit is of course looming large on the horizon but the UKs negotiation team has already been blown off course and nobody at the table is looking after Scotland’s interests.

Years of Tory infighting have left this government fractured and impotent. A speech that could have healed wounds, offered a hand of encouragement, provided guidance and support was instead bland and uninspiring.

All in all it was just another day at the office.