‘Lessons Learned from the EU Referendum’

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee report says any future referendum in the UK should take note of the lessons learned from the execution of the Brexit referendum, including the damage to the reputation of the Civil Service and the lack of preparation for either of the possible outcomes.

The committee report highlights the requirements for the civil service to be prepared for either outcome of a referendum.  It also stresses the need for purdah to be enforced fairly.

Personally, I see a huge responsibility on the media to balance coverage during purdah. Mark Carney has been cited as an example of an influential public figure who is not restricted by purdah and I would expect the media, when reporting comments from people in similar positions, to balance their reports with possibly opposing views.

What we are trying to provide is a system where information is delivered in an open and honest manner, allowing the electorate to be fully informed so they can make their judgement to the best of their abilities.

Read the report – https://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201617/cmselect/cmpubadm/496/496.pdf