Questions to UK Govt on PIP Appeals

Today I questioned the Ministry of Justice about the UK Government’s Personal Independence Payments (PIP) appeal process after receiving continued correspondence from constituents who have lost their benefit entitlement and Motability cars, while their appeal is being heard.

Today’s oral question to the Ministry of Justice indicated that 52% of appeals in 2015, in Greenock, for PIP were successful.  This rose to 57% in the latest period, between January to September 2016.

It is clear that a rapidly increasing number of my Inverclyde constituents are losing their benefits but subsequently winning their appeals.  The current process is causing much grief and anguish for my constituents and leaving many vulnerable and isolated.  

My constituents are informing me, on a daily basis, they are experiencing 8-10 weeks without benefit entitlements and many are having their Motability cars removed.

Therefore, I am urging the UK Government to ensure sanctions are not enforced until the appeals process is exhausted.  I believe this will help ensure many of my constituents no longer have their benefits unjustifiably withdrawn.