World Kidney Day 2017

I’m support for the upcoming World Kidney Day UK 2017 which takes place on Thursday 9th March. 

World Kidney Day (WKD) is an annual global awareness and education event, held on the second Thursday in March. Every year, countless local, national and international events are organised by kidney charities, healthcare professionals, patient groups and individuals who want to make a difference. 

The 2017 theme is ‘Kidney Disease and Obesity’.

I’ve decided to ‘do my bit’ for World Kidney Day to highlight the increased risk that can be brought on by obesity. In individuals affected by obesity, the kidneys have to work harder, filtering more blood than normal to meet the metabolic demands of the increased body weight. The increase in function can damage the kidney and raise the risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease in the long-term. 

The good news is that obesity, as well as Chronic Kidney Disease, is largely preventable. Education and awareness of the risks of obesity and a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and exercise, can dramatically help in preventing obesity and kidney disease.

We need to raise awareness of this life-threatening problem and the more people know about kidney health, the better.