CND Event at Westminster

Today (Wednesday) I hosted a room at Westminster for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). The Day of Action is to support the upcoming negotiations at the United Nations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons today.

CND is calling on the UK government to play a constructive role in the negotiations to establish a treaty to ban nuclear weapons, which is supported by more than 120 countries. CND have called a lobby of MPs to give you the chance to persuade your Member of Parliament.

I’m pleased to continue supporting CND and hosting a room at Westminster for their Day of Action on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

I would urge the UK Government to listen to the calls of CND, a large sway of civic society and many parliamentarians who believe weapons of mass destruction have no place in modern society.

The billions being spent on the renewal of trident would be far better utilised in supporting our NHS and schools rather than building more weapons of mass destruction intent on wiping out the planet.

The SNP Westminster Group have been consistent in our opposition to trident and I hope today’s events will put further pressure on the UK Government.