Tele column – 3rd February 2017

Terrible news this week that the jobcentre in Port Glasgow is to close. This leaves us with only one in Inverclyde. I have been assured all 28 staff will be relocated to Greenock which although not ideal is still good news. But it’s blindingly obvious that the service users will have to travel further. If a DWP office is more than three miles from the office taking up the workload then a consultation must take place before it is closed. Her majesty’s government tell me the Port office is 2.8 miles from the Greenock one. I shall be measuring that.  

In another exhibition of bad judgment the Prime Minister has rushed to pay homage to President Trump. Holding hands and whispering sweet nothings. And as sweetener he has been invited to meet the Queen. Of course as the democratically elected president he must be afforded his place but the unedifying position of being a poodle to the USA has not done the UK any good in the eyes of our European allies. Brexit just got even harder. 

Those of you who scrutinise the goings on at Westminster must have been appalled at the treatment given to SNP MPs during Tuesdays Brexit debate. Many SNP MPs sat through eleven hours of debate, waiting for their turn to speak and were, once again, ignored until the final hour when 7 SNPs were called and their speaking time was reduced to 4 minutes. This process is seriously flawed and undermines the voice of the democratically elected representatives of the citizens of Scotland.