Launch of FOBT Report

Today the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals All-Party Group published our report – “Fixed Odds Betting Terminals – Assessing the Impact”. 

In a series of hearings, the inquiry took oral evidence from a range of stakeholders in the FOBT debate including the UK Government, gambling addiction experts and FOBT users, to regulators and their representatives. 

As a member of the group it was important to hear from a wide range of stakeholders on how FOBTs have affected people’s lives, particularly those who’ve become addicted to using said machines.

The evidence shows that these machines are directly linked to problem gambling with 4 out of 5 FOBT gamblers exhibiting problem gambling behaviour at stakes in excess of £13 a spin compared to 1 in 5 at stakes £2 and under.

Therefore, I hope our report will facilitate further debate and discussion around FOBTs and encourage the UK Government to take much needed action to reduce the maximum unit stake and stop the spread of these machines on our high streets.

Further information on the All Party Group can be found at