UK Govt failure to plan for Brexit

It’s clear the UK Government has completely failed to plan for Brexit as the Supreme Court rules the Government must seek assent of parliament to trigger Article 50.

Parliament must be consulted before the Government triggers Article 50, the Supreme Court has ruled. 

Eight of the 11 Supreme Court justices broke in favour of the claimants, arguing that Article 50 and withdrawing from the EU treaties will materially affect laws and rights, and therefore must be authorised by Parliament.

The Supreme Court decision is an indictment on the UK Government’s failure to plan for Brexit and their ignorance towards parliamentary scrutiny.  The judgment rides roughshod over the Sewell convention.

The SNP Westminster group will table serious and substantive amendments to any Article 50 legislation – they will aim to protect Scotland’s place in the EU.

The UK Government think they can do anything to Scotland – including dragging us out of the EU and the Single Market – and that people in Scotland will just take it. We are determined that won’t happen.