Questions for UK Govt on DWP Estate

This week, I lodged parliamentary questions, to the UK Government, to ascertain what the future holds for Department of Work and Pensions offices in Inverclyde. 

I received correspondence from the PCS Union which highlighted concerns about the future leases on DWP offices. 

This week, the SNP Westminster Group called on the UK Government to halt the roll-out of Universal Credit and planned Jobcentre closures in Glasgow in light of the combined impact Tory social policies are having on low income households.  Alongside this, they held a Westminster Hall debate on the ‘Future of DWP estate’ I attended and spoke.

On my recent visit to the Jobcentre Plus office in Port Glasgow I was reassured to learn of their commitment to the area and their plans to assist both my office and the residents of Inverclyde with welfare claims.

Nevertheless, the cuts by the Department of Work and Pensions to slash 50% of the Jobcentres in Glasgow are morally outrageous and fly in the face of the Tory promise to “work for the many and not the privileged few”.

Therefore, I have since raised parliamentary questions to ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions whether the UK Government has any plans to close job centre offices in Inverclyde.  I’ve also asked what discussions the Department of Work and Pensions have had regarding negotiations on future leases of job centre offices in Scotland.

I hope to receive a response from the UK Government, regarding Inverclyde, in the near future.