Hard Brexit

Its deeply concerning that the UK Government is prepared to accept a clean break with the EU in its negotiations for the UK’s departure.

Weekend media reports indicate the Prime Minister is planning for the UK to leave the Single Market and Customs Union.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Government has published sensible compromise proposals on retaining single market membership to protect Scotland’s interests. 

It’s evident the UK Government is pursuing a course of hard Brexit which will mean thousands of Scottish jobs lost, worse living standards and an erosion of employment rights.

European single market legislation embraces and promotes a wide range of measures that protect, and advance, the rights and interests of workers. This is exactly the policy platform and partnership that Scotland seeks from our EU neighbours to protect workers from any Tory attack on workers.

The UK exiting the EU cannot be an opportunity for any regression in the advances in social protection that have been secured through EU legislation.

The Scottish Government has published sensible compromise proposals to protect our place in the single market, the jobs which depend on it and the rights of people in the workplace.