Broadband Debate – Universal Service Obligation

I  spoke in a House of Commons debate on the issue of a broadband Universal Service Obligation (USO). 

Ofcom produced their report on the design of the USO. This includes consideration policies that the SNP brought amendments on during the committee stage of the Digital Economy Bill – specifically the consideration of upload speeds and a superfast minimum download speed of 30 megabits per second. 

Recently, I pressed the UK Government on the “fractured and often unsuitable provision of broadband within Inverclyde”.  Alongside this, I met with representatives of Openreach and Digital Scotland to discuss the issue further.

People consider broadband to be the fourth utility. Just as they turn on a tap and get water, flick a switch for electricity or turn a dial for gas, people’s lifestyle and expectations have been geared to broadband.

With our current level of knowledge, we have no excuse not to build a super-broadband highway that can carry superfast broadband to every user.

My constituents expect results, and they are impatient at being left behind. A broadband USO should be something exciting—a policy that represents technological innovation and an ambitious drive towards the future.

Hansard link to House of Commons debate –