Tele column – 9th December 2016

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (maybe that’s a reference that only those of a certain age will understand) I shall once again repeat my call for Inverclyde to get its act together and promote itself as a centre for sustainable renewable energy. Why am I saying this? I attended a debate today about tidal lagoons. It was supported across the house. Both government and opposition are making all the right noises.

This is going to happen and the numbers involved are huge. We need a slice of that pie. The UK took its eye off the ball regarding on shore wind and now Denmark leads the way. As an island , the UK must embrace tidal power and Inverclyde has to promote its qualities and attract the industries, jobs and money into this area. If we don’t, somebody else will. We have the land, the coast and the people to be a vital partner in developing this technology but as of yet we don’t seem to have the inclination. The clocks ticking, I expect the UK government to support the Swansea tidal lagoon and from that the Cardiff lagoon. Other countries of the UK are interested, indeed other countries of the world are interested in developing the technology and skills required to service this industry for a long time to come.

How long can we go on turning a blind eye to the fantastic opportunities that are all around us here in Inverclyde? We need to get on the front foot if we are going to take Inverclyde forward.