Drugs Policy

I welcome the cross party support from parliamentarians who’ve added their name to my Early Day Motion on drugs policy.  To date, Members of Parliament from 5 parties and 2 Independent Members have signed EDM 743 – ‘The War on Drugs’.

Last month, I led a public discussion in Inverclyde – ‘Reform and Regulate Drugs: Should Scotland Lead?’  The speakers at the event were;

  • Jim Duffy – Serving in the police for 32 years and retiring as a Police Inspector, Jim was the Chair of Strathclyde Police Federation, he is now a prominent member of LEAP UK.
  • Jolene Crawford – Jolene is a member of Anyone’s Child, a group composed of bereaved family members who now work to reform drug laws from a unique and personal perspective.
  • Stephen Malloy – As a board member for INPUD (International Network of People Who Use Drugs), Stephen represents the health and interests of those who consume drugs.
  • Alex Nicol – Working as Service Manager at Moving On Inverclyde, Alex and his charity assist residents with potential addiction and the overlapping issues of drug dependency.

I welcome the support of parliamentarians from across the political spectrum to my Early Day Motion on drugs policy in the UK.

Having met with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) at an event at Westminster, earlier in the year, and more recently at a discussion I hosted in Inverclyde, it’s clear more individuals and groups are saying the current policy is not working

There is a substantial body of evidence coming from law enforcement experts that the current drug enforcement methods are not achieving their stated aim.

When the people who have been most affected and the people that have been enforcing the current system are both saying this is not working, then we must respect their opinions and take time to listen and learn.

James Duffy from LEAP and a retired Police Inspector, added;

“The members of LEAP, with many years of collective service in law enforcement, welcome the moves by Ronnie Cowan MP to raise awareness to our dangerous and failed drug policy. When voices such as ours are tasked to enforce drug laws, join with those from the medical profession to seek health and evidence based reform, then we’ve reached a pivotal place in the dialogue.  

“We congratulate the cross-party support that we have in looking to readdress our drug laws.”

Link to Early Day Motion (EDM) from Ronnie Cowan MP – http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2016-17/743.

A recording of the public discussion in Inverclyde – ‘Reform and Regulate Drugs: Should Scotland Lead?’ is available at the following link – https://youtu.be/Ou-HsFtK7fA